Will You Take My Case?

The first thing that many individuals wonder when they are hurt in an accident is if they have a legal claim. It is often difficult to understand who is at fault and whether a third-party acted such that they will be held liable, in full or in part, for the harm caused.

Of course it is impossible to say whether one has a legal claim without knowing details the case. However, in general, the injured person (or their surviving family members) has a legal claim when another party intentionally or negligently causes harm. Intentional harm means the injury was inflicted on purpose. Negligence, generally, refers to situations where someone acts unreasonably or irresponsibly.

Negligence is the most reason for a civil suit filed. In a car accident, for example, one driver may be negligent when they are speeding, run a red light, fail to yield appropriately, or in any other way do not act carefully. Professionals, like doctors, nursing, long-term care workers, and others can also act negligently in their work, causing harm to patients, nursing home residents, and others.

There are special cases where the liable party may not have acted negligently in order to have a legal obligation to provide redress. That includes “strict liability” cases where dangerous products are made and cause harm.

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