Unsecured Construction Equipment

Most construction jobs involve the use of many different kinds of equipment from ladders and scaffolding to forklifts and cranes. Many construction vehicles are highly specialized machines that often require specially trained and certified operators. No matter what type of equipment you are dealing with, a large part of safe usage and operation is making sure that it is properly secured when it is not in use.

If equipment is not properly secured, it creates an extremely hazardous situation for everyone on the construction site. The people who set up, use or operate equipment, as well as the contractor, have a responsibility to ensure that it is secured. When that responsibility is not fulfilled, accidents can happen that leave workers vulnerable to serious or even fatal injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that occurred due to the improper securing of construction equipment, you may have a claim for damages against the responsible parties. These can be very difficult cases to prove, and the assistance of an experienced New York construction accident lawyer can help to ensure that your interests are protected.

Dedicated Representation for Construction Site Injury Victims

At the Law Offices of Sanford Rosenblum, P.C., we provide comprehensive representation to workers who have been injured on a construction site. Our complete understanding of the law combined with our extensive experience in these cases puts us in a uniquely strong position to help you reach a positive result.

We have successfully represented clients in a wide variety of unsecured construction equipment claims, including the following:

  • Unsecured ladders
  • Unsecured or improperly set up scaffolding
  • Unsecured temporary stairwells
  • Unsecured cranes
  • Failure to engage emergency brakes on construction vehicles

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