Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are a commonly found on construction sites and other industrial settings. These vehicles can perform many different tasks in many different environments. With that said, forklifts can be very dangerous to others on a work site. Despite their relatively small size, forklifts are extremely heavy vehicles. Further, these vehicles can move at very high speeds. When forklifts collide with someone on a job site, they turn over; people can suffer disabling injury or even death.

After a serious workplace injury, workers’ compensation is typically available. Workers’ compensation, however, only covers a portion of your lost wages and medical expenses. In some situations, you may be able to make a personal injury claim against those responsible for your injuries. The Albany attorneys of Law offices Rosenblum & Gelbman, LLP, can take action on your behalf.

Our lawyers will make a complete investigation to determine the causes of the accident. Perhaps the forklift operator did not receive adequate training. Maybe someone at the job site told the forklift operator to operate the forklift on an uneven surface. Since forklifts should generally be operated on a flat surface, this could increase the chances of injury. Maybe the forklift was not properly maintained.

Whatever the reason for your accident, if you have a personal injury claim arising out of your forklift accident, we will help you take action. We exclusively represent people who have been severely injured by another’s negligence. We have the investigation and litigation experience that is necessary to take action and achieve results.

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