There’s a lot at stake when you choose a law firm. The right attorneys for you are those that serve your unique needs, not their own. Before making a decision, ask lots of questions to make sure you’re comfortable with a firm’s philosophy, experience, and history of successes.

The links below provide answers to the questions we hear most. If you want to discuss your individual case in more detail, contact us now.

What should I ask before hiring a lawyer?
Will You Take My Case?
What Are Your Fees, and How Will I Pay You?
After I Decide to Hire You, What Happens Next?
How Much Is My Case Worth?
If My Case Is Successful, Will I Owe Taxes on the Recovery?
How Long Will My Case Take?
Will the Records of My Case Be Made Public?
What if I Already Have a Family Lawyer?
Have You Handled Cases Like Mine?
Isn’t It Expensive to Hire a Quality Law Firm?
What Kinds of Cases Do You Concentrate On?