Falling Objects or Materials

Construction sites constitute inherently dangerous work environments. Under New York law, employers such as developers, property owners, and contractors have a duty to provide a safe working environment on a construction site and to take adequate precautions to prevent materials from falling on workers. When workers are not protected from falling objects and are hurt contractors and developers may be held accountable.

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Defective Construction Rigging Systems

Our experienced personal injury and workplace injury law firm handles cases involving:

We also routinely handle cases where contractors, subcontractors and other workers on construction sites are injured or killed because there are inadequate safety programs in place, including lack of training and supervision. This often involves failure to follow New York State and Federal construction safety regulations.

There is an extensive series of State and Federal regulations which are designed to anticipate and provide contractors and project owners with safety rules to prevent most types of foreseeable construction accidents. These rules constitute a detailed check list designed to create a safe construction work environment with a zero tolerance for worker injury.

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